As a major player in the wind energy industry, H2air develops its wind projects while taking into account its responsibilities to the environment and its inhabitants. We are committed to respectful and responsible wind power.

Convictions de Roy Mahfouz, Président H2air

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"we create wind farms in respect of the environment and its inhabitants"

Roy Mahfouz, H2air’s chief executive

 An integrated wind energy

In a perspective of local harmonious development, we actively seek for the factors that strengthen the territorial anchoring of wind projects:

  • By carefully planning and locating our wind turbines, we make sure the wind farm installation is adapted to suit the surrounding environment.

  • We also control the impact of wind farms by setting up supporting measures and initial states of the environment.

An humanly involved wind energy

Human involvement is key to the development of a wind project. We are therefore constantly in connection with the local inhabitants and the elected officials of municipalities. Together, we build a dialogue based on fairness and honesty. Meanwhile, we maintain a careful presence on the ground and provide transparent information concerning the future of the wind farm. We believe these initiatives are essential in order to assure the wind farm’s local integration.

A concerted  effort

H2air engages with various authorities in a continuous process of cooperation and consultation.

A wind energy for local jobs

H2air primarily promotes local businesses for various subcontracts relating to the wind project, including expert studies or site construction, thus creating local jobs.

Wind energy according to the rules

We ensure that our wind farms comply with legal obligations and market best practice. During the completion of our work, we use recognized, updated methods. The solid bases of our records are therefore acknowledged by the authorities and administrations.