Teddy Henin Groupe H2air 132A team with a wealth of expertise in different fields, assisting every step of a wind project

Created by a passionate team and attracting over time dynamic and skilled employees, H2air has grown thanks to their dedication and convictions. Today, it is a team of over 20 experienced  coworkers who, through their multidisciplinary and complementary expertise, inject creativity into our wind projects.

We are proud of our uniqueness, which enables us to create innovative wind energy solutions. We undertake each step of each project with a great deal of responsiveness to the specific project requirements.

The range of our skills assures a coherent and responsible execution of projects. Our know-how ensures solid and effective project implementation.

Our daily efforts help us reach our fundamental requirements, i.e. creating high performance wind farms that are harmoniously integrated with the locality and its inhabitants, while contributing to the development of a cleaner energy supply for a sustainable future.

Our team provides a wide range of services:

  • Feasibility studies (wind resources, environment, impact, etc.)

  • Development,

  • Legal and financial expertise,

  • Construction (building site and grid connection),

  • Operational management

To this, we add the experience and expertise of our network of partners and their knowledge of the environmental, technical, landscape, industrial and financial fields.

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