We choose to join national and international organizations whose primary purpose are to represent and defend wind energy. These associations also strengthen  cooperation between the various players in the industry.



France Wind Energy: Founded in 1996, FEE now brings together 160 professional members of the industry. FEE promotes wind energy in France and deals directly with all the players in this industry. Its mission is to defend the rights and interests of its members, developers, operators, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants. FEE represents them  toward regulatory bodies and local, national, governmental or European authorities. France Wind Energy also promotes the benefits of wind energy to the public and the media.



European Wind Energy Association: EWEA actively promotes wind power in Europe and worldwide. It brings together over 700 members coming from nearly 60 countries, constituting a powerful network for the wind energy sector in the world.



 Bundesverband Windenergie: the German Federal Wind Energy Association encourages the development of wind farms. It is the largest association in the world in the field of renewable energy and the main interlocutor in its sector for any issue regarding the matter.



Franco-German Renewable Energy Coordination Office: The FGO for renewable energy works to foster the Franco-German relationship in the field of renewable energy. Its mission is to promote renewable energy, knowledge sharing and networking of French and German actors. It deals with issues of common interest regarding renewable energy and related topics.