Our experts provide H2air with a secure operational management.

H2air, développeur éolien H2air, constructeur éolien H2air, exploitant éolien
Development Construction Operational Management

H2air GT handles a continuous technical and administrative management of the site and connecting station, while remaining constantly close to the local municipality and residents.

Throughout the lifecycle of the wind farm, H2air GT safeguards optimal performance through:

  • Optimizing electricity production and wind turbines

  • Providing reliable and robust operational management, accompanied by a long-term maintenance contract negotiated with the turbine supplier

  • Efficiency of performance

  • Close monitoring and operation of the park

At the end of the operational phase, the future of the site is discussed. H2air then provides local actors with a general assessment of operations. One of these two options are then selected:

  • "Repowering": the park continues to operates with new wind turbines

  • The site is dismantled and restored back to its initial state.


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