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The development of a wind farm takes into account many parameters and extends over several years.

Identifying a suitable area

During the prospecting phase, we initially undergo studies that help us identify whether a site is able to host a viable wind farm. The studies take into account landscape, environmental, regulatory, technical and human perspectives. The primary considerations of these studies are:

  • Distance from homes

  • Proximity to the electrical network

  • Historical and natural heritage (birds, protected areas, etc.)

  • Easements (networks and pipeline channels, civil and military aviation, etc.)

Real Estate partnerships

The implementation of a wind project requires land agreements. H2air therefore proceeds to secure the necessary land via exclusivity contracts. Under approval of owners, feasibility studies may then begin. These studies are intended for use in the building permit and operating license applications.

The detailed studies that are carried out are then included in the necessary application files for building permit and operating license. They are  conducted internally and accompanied by specialized consulting firms. These studies are conducted by acknowledged experts over long periods, hence ensuring accurate and transparent results.

Environmental Studies

  • The bio-assessment examines the natural environment (flora, fauna and especially avifauna).

  • The acoustic study assesses the effect of wind noise. We simulate the wind turbines’ noise degree to make sure they are appropriate for the hosting site.

  • The landscape study examines the local territory and offers solutions for the wind farm to be perfectly integrated with its surrounding landscape.

Wind studies

The wind is the core of our business. We carry out wind resources studies that assess the wind potential of a prospective site. Our experts use their own wind measurement masts. Over several months, we collect information related to speed, direction and frequency of the wind. This step is crucial because it estimates the future production of a wind farm, hence confirming the economic feasibility of the project.

Type of wind turbines

We formalize wind farm settlement proposals after the studies are done. The information they provide allow us to remain impartial when it comes to the choice of the wind turbine manufacturer. 

In fact, for every particular site, the selected wind turbines have to be appropriate in terms of height, diameter, power, etc. Photomontages are also carried out with different scenarios to determine the best geographic location for each wind turbine.

Building permit and operating license

Once all the studies completed, we deposit our application files for building permit and operation license. The relevant governmental authorities then process these files.

Communicate with the public

Throughout the development phase, our team is constantly updated with the results of the ongoing studies. We can then provide the citizens with complete information concerning the wind plant, while listening to their opinions and needs. Our communication means are various:

  • Public meetings: we inform and discuss with residents about the project's impact on the neighboring environment and residents. We also discuss its total impact on the municipality’s development.

  • Public Inquiry: citizens may consult the project’s file anytime. They can consult the necesssary files in the town hall, leave their comments, or can directly contact us to discuss it.

Thanks to interactive and clear dialogues in which everyone is free to participate, every citizen can be a part of the project’s development. These communication measures ensure a harmonious development of each project.

Financial expertise

With its network of French and European connections, H2air can adapt financing solutions for numerous projects in various stages of development and construction.

H2air’s financial expertise deals with: 

  • Project financing

  • Analysis and risk evaluation,

  • Profitability analysis,

  • Financial planning

  • Relations with investor, banks, public private partnerships, municipal utility, etc. If you wish to invest, click here for more information 

The project can then proceed to the construction phase. 


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