The H2air team takes care of the whole construction phase while also encouraging local labor. Following several years of experience, H2air’s organization skills have proven themselves to be flawless.

H2air, développeur éolien H2air, constructeur éolien H2air, exploitant éolien
Development Construction Operational Management

Throughout the construction and management of our wind farm, we make sure that the different steps of the construction site are mastered, while each and every construction deadline is optimized. Our team is also informed and updated with the wind turbines’ latest technology.

Le parc éolien SRN from Imagine créations on Vimeo.

H2air PX, our subsidiary dedicated to construction and grid connection carries out and coordinates missions including:

Technical studies

Prior to construction, technical studies (including studies of soil) and control studies.


Then the construction works get under way: Civil engineering (development foundations, access roads, etc.) and electrical engineering

Grid connection

Electricity generated by the wind energy must be connected to the grid in order to supply the public’s needs. H2air hence cooperates with its partners ERDF and RTE (distributors and operators of transmission networks). We may then proceed to a direct connection to the transmission network, or build our own connecting station if necessary.


At the end of the works, carefully selected suppliers provide us with wind turbines that are adequate to the hosting site. During a test period, we then control the optimization adjustments and test the proper functioning of the park. This is followed with the industrial commissioning and the signing of the feed-in-tariff contract. The park is then ready to operate.